IEEE NSS MIC 2020 Virtual Exhibition Visit Scintacor

IEEE NSS MIC 2020 Virtual Exhibition Visit Scintacor

Published : April 24, 2021


31st October –  7th November 2020 – Please drop by our Virtual Booth to find out about our latest Scintillator solutions for Medical, Security, and Research applications.

Scintacor is the leading independent supplier of area scintillators for the conversion of different types of radiation into light. Our experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of high-performance X-ray phosphor screens (based on Gadolinium oxysulphide, also known as GOS, Gadox Gd2O2S) and neutron detection screens (based on Lithium-6) has established relationships with global system integrators, developing a range of products that are used across a broad range of applications. Scintacor structured micro-columnar thallium doped caesium iodide (CsI:TI) is extensively used in the most demanding X-ray imaging applications for its superior performance compared to single crystal scintillators. From its origins as a crucial contributor to the development and production of phosphors for the revolutionary H2S radar screen during World War II, the impact of Scintacor’s products and enabling technologies are seen in and were integral to, some of the most high-profile scientific advances in history – from deep Earth crust oil exploration to space exploration on Mercury and Mars.

Virtual 2020 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
27th International Symposium on Room Temperature Semiconductor X-Ray & Gamma-Ray Detectors

Scintacor offers several important benefits: 

• The latest, high-performance scintillation technologies for imaging and detection.
• Consultancy and technical advice to select the optimum solution for each application.
• Fast prototyping to enable a short product cycle.

Product Platforms

Micro-columnar CsI:Tl
• The highest resolution and image quality for medical and dental applications.

Gadox Phosphor Screens 
• Customised for each application in security and non-destructive testing.

Thermal Neutron Detectors 
• 6Li+ZnS screens and 6Li GS20® glass for radiation detection, neutron logging and scientific research.

Custom Phosphor Coatings 
• To extend the spectral sensitivity of CMOS and CCDs into NIR, UV, and X-ray for spectroscopy.
• To detect secondary electrons in microscopy and mass spectrometry.

Laser Detection Cards/Wands/Discs 
• Safe and durable, a benchmark in laser alignment and detection.

Please contact our sales team to set up a meeting or discuss your scintillator requirements.


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