Stay Up-to-Date with Scintacor: Check Out Our June 2024 Newsletter

Stay Up-to-Date with Scintacor: Check Out Our June 2024 Newsletter

Published : June 4, 2024

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In this edition…

A word from our Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Jon Kemp, discusses collaboration, advancements in scintillator and phosphor systems, and key innovations from supplier partnerships. He also highlights our team’s high standards in the annual ISO audit and invites collaboration in imaging or detecting non-visible wavelengths.

Team member Spotlight – Meet Laura McDermott

Meet Laura McDermott, our Quality Technician in the CsI department with 8 years at Scintacor. Learn about her role in maintaining quality standards, reporting findings, and updating process improvements. Discover her journey from studying education to becoming a quality technician and her favourite aspects of our production team.

CsI vs Gadox for X-ray Imaging Applications

Are you curious about the materials behind dental X-ray imaging? This paper explores the differences between Caesium Iodide (CsI) and Gadolinium Oxysulfide (Gadox) scintillators. Learn how CsI’s superior resolution and lower X-ray dose requirement suits precise dental and medical applications, while Gadox’s cost-effectiveness suits broader uses. Click to uncover the detailed comparison and decide which technology fits your needs best.

Upcoming Events and Company News

Learn about our recent trip to Japan and stay informed about our upcoming events, including SCINT 2024 and the Denver X Ray Conference.

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