Stay Up-to-Date with Scintacor: Check Out Our March 2024 Newsletter

Stay Up-to-Date with Scintacor: Check Out Our March 2024 Newsletter

Published : March 5, 2024

March brings a wave of excitement and innovation, and we’re thrilled to present our latest newsletter for your enjoyment!

In this edition…

A word from our Managing Director

Discover Scintacor’s unique value proposition and recent successes as our Managing Director shares insights and reflections.

Team member Spotlight – Meet Paul Hutchins

Get to know Paul Hutchins, our Senior Account Manager with an impressive 33-year tenure. Learn about his role, interests outside work, and journey into the fascinating world of scintillation technology.

Product Highlight: Lithium 6 vs Helium 3 for Neutron Detection

Delve into the critical realm of neutron detection and explore the comparative advantages of lithium-6 over helium-3. Uncover the versatility and efficiency of lithium glass technology and its applications in neutron detection screens.

Upcoming Events and Company News

Catch up on our recent celebrations for Chinese New Year and our participation in #BrewMonday, plus stay informed about our upcoming events, including APS, Data Center World, PSND 2024, and OPIE 24.

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