high performance
neutron detection
and imaging screens
radiation portal monitors

Our specialist neutron detectors offer excellent neutron/gamma discrimination for low false detection rates. Manufactured in sheet form, which can be tiled to produce large area detectors, our neutron detectors are primarily used in RPM’s to detect radiation within a container or vehicle.

Neutron Detection

A high performance, sensitive screen used for the detection of neutrons

  • Good gamma discrimination
  • Robust
  • High sensitivity

Customised to your requirements

Scintacor screens couple well to light guides. With emission being efficiently collected from both surfaces, exceeding most customers’ requirements. The screens can be supplied as self-supporting sheets as well as mounted to a variety of substrates. The screens can be supplied to custom sizes or moulded into novel constructs.  For customers interested in an integrated solution, Photonic Science and Engineering Ltd. can provide high resolution Neutron detectors where Scintacor screens  are coupled to the latest CCD, sCMOS sensors.



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