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Lithium-6 glass scintillators for neutron detection

Products & Properties

Scintacor offers three types of Ce-activated lithium aluminosilicate glasses distinguished by their different lithium contents of 2.4%, 6.6% or 7.5% by weight. They are further subdivided by their isotopic enrichment, giving the range of 9 possible formulations shown in table 1. Lithium content and enrichment determine neutron sensitivity, which is higher for 6Li enriched glass, while 6Li depleted glass is almost insensitive to neutrons.

Table 1 – Lithium Content & Isotopic Enrichment by Type


The properties of the glasses within each type are similar, as shown in Table 2. The control of the Ce3+/Ce4+ ratio is critical to achieving the correct light emission, optical decay, and optical transmission characteristics. The tight control of the formulation and the ability to manufacture glass with reproducible performance have enabled Scintacor to become the uncontested leader of Ce-activated lithium aluminosilicate glasses.

Table 2 – Properties by Group

Size and geometry

Scintacor’s glass scintillators are typically manufactured as discs, blocks, or cylinders, with more-complex geometries possible.  Standard flat dimensions range from 10 to 200mm and thickness from 1 to 50mm with larger scintillator assemblies possible by using arrays of matched pieces. A range of surface finishes can be applied depending on the customer’s requirements.  Glass can also be supplied in powder form with average particle size in the range of 38µm to 63µm for use in flow cell radio-detectors for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Typical applications

  • Oil & Gas
  • Research
  • Radiation Detection
  • Liquid Chromatography

Why Scintacor?

Scintacor and its predecessors have been involved with glass scintillators including lithium-6 (6Li) enriched products since 1958.  Back then, as Levy West Laboratories, we started manufacturing these glasses with various compositions based on the work by Anderson et al. Today Scintacor is the owner of the GS20® trademark and a trusted partner of many leading research organizations and commercial customers that have chosen GS20® and the companion formulations for their unique properties, mechanical robustness, temperature range of use -200 to 250 C and resistance to all organic and inorganic solvents except hydrofluoric acid.

Benefits & Features

  • Robust material for use in demanding environments
  • Highly sensitive for neutron detection 
  • Available in a wide range of formulations 
  • Readily machined to customer requirements



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