phosphor based CamIR
for laser detection &

The excellent sensitivity of the phosphor based scintillators within our CamIR camera and our customisable Visualize range allow for reliable detection and alignment of laser beam profiles respectively.


A high performance, sensitive camera for the detection and alignment of lasers

  • Laser detection or direct imaging
  • Light weight design
  • High sensitivity

Visualize Range

Instant, high performance products for reliable laser beam alignment

  • Laser alignment and detection
  • Customisable size & shape profiles
  • Non-reflective for added safety

Customised to your requirements

All our custom coatings for laser alignment and detection are custom made to our customers exact requirements. We utilise a selection of different coating methods to suit the specific device and application of our customer’s system. Resolution, sensitivity, and speed of response, are a few of the parameters that can be influenced in the production of a customised product that more clearly relates to your customers’ needs. Talk to our expert team today to see how together we can deliver clever scintillation components customised to your needs.