Phosphor based CamIR
camera for laser detection &
Infrared imaging

Real-time infrared imaging applications

The excellent sensitivity of the phosphor based scintillators within our CamIR product allow for reliable detection of laser beam profiles. The CamIR is optimised for highest sensitivity at 1550nm, it is ideally suited to beam location / alignment of communications band emitters, lasers, high-speed fibre optics, or direct imaging through an attached lens.


A high performance, sensitive camera for the detection and alignment of lasers

  • Laser detection or direct imaging
  • Light weight design
  • High sensitivity
  • High performance
  • Ideal for use in laboratory environment or remote locations

Application areas

  • Laser beam profiling
  • Machine vision and general IR detection
  • Telecommunications device manufacturing control
  • Telecommunications testing and inspection
  • Optical fibre checking and spectroscopy
  • Product quality monitoring

CamIR Adapter

For easy and cost-effective adaptation or your own camera for use at 1550nm.

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