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Real-time infrared imaging applications

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CamIR –  high performance, sensitive USB cameras for the detection and alignment of lasers

The excellent sensitivity of the phosphor based scintillators within our CamIR range provides a cost effective alternative to InGaAs cameras for reliable detection of laser beam profiles. Using our established technology we have developed the CamIR family, from the original CamIR1550 1.2MP camera, to offer a choice of 2 models: the CamIR 1.6M and CamIR 2.8M.

Optimised for highest sensitivity at 1550nm, it is ideally suited to beam location / alignment of communications band emitters, lasers, high-speed fibre optics, or direct imaging through an attached lens.

The Digital CamIR kit includes:

  • CamIR 1.6M or CamIR 2.8M
  • USB 3.1 cable
  • USB Flash drive containing software
  • Getting Started Guide
Sensitivity of the Camera Sensor Coatingde

CamIR Adapter – Allowing you to extend the performance of your existing camera

For easy and cost-effective adaptation or your own camera for use at 1550nm, we provide an optical assembly that is coated with the same high-performance phosphor that is used in our CamIR.


Scintacor CamIR adaptor

The CamIR adapter enables standard CMOS and CCD cameras to image in the NIR range of 1495 – 1595nm.  The module is inserted between a large format lens and the camera to give an instant imaging system which extends the sensitivity into the telecoms wavelength bands.

Scintacor’s proprietary conversion optics converts the incoming 1495 – 1595nm light to camera-detectable wavelengths without undesirable fading or lag during use.  The large format anti-reflection coated input window ensures maximum image resolution.

Typical applications

  • Laser beam profiling
  • Telecommunications device manufacturing control
  • Telecommunications testing and inspection
  • Optical fibre checking and spectroscopy
  • Product quality monitoring

Why Scintacor?

Scintacor’s expertise in phosphor selection has enabled us to develop the CamIR range and CamIR adapter as excellent, low cost tools for detecting and monitoring IR radiation.

Benefits & Features


  • Laser detection or direct imaging
  • Light weight design
  • High sensitivity
  • High performance
  • Ideal for use in laboratory environment or remote locations
  • Low cost

CamIR adapter

  • Extends the range of existing cameras into the Near Infra-red (1495 – 1595nm)
  • High resolution, low distortion and good uniformity gives superior image quality
  • No Image fading or lag
  • Cost effective
  • High quality anti-reflection coated optics



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