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Phosphor coatings for CMOS & CCD

The excellent sensitivity of our phosphor based scintillators transform relatively low cost devices into high performance sensors which are customisable to your requirements.

A high performance, cost effective method of UV and IR detection for many applications

Constructed using a phosphor-based coating applied directly onto a CCD or CMOS device, these coatings extend the sensitivity of the device from the visible light range into the ultraviolet or infrared range. 

As a powerful yet cost effective alternative to InGaAs devices or back thinned CCD’s, these coatings provide an optimal imaging or detection solution for a wide range of applications.  Our manufacturing processes allow us to extend the coating all the way to the edge of the required active area providing optimal imaging solutions for applications including spectroscopy, biological imaging, materials research, and telecom device manufacture and test. 

Our coatings can also be applied to fibre optic plates for specific customer applications.

Typical applications

  • Extending spectral range of low-cost devices
  • Adding functionality to passive components

Why Scintacor?

Scintacor’s expertise in phosphor selection enables us to advise on the best material  for your application.  In addition, our experience with coating many different sensors means that we are well placed to coat your devices quickly and reliably.

We utilise a selection of different coating methods to suit the specific device and application of the customer’s system. Our flexible manufacturing facilities allow us to provide our customers with consistent quality for both small and large production volumes.

Benefits & Features

  • Extend the spectral sensitivity of your device into UV or IR range
  • Direct coating of CCD & CMOS sensors
  • Choice of wavelength-specific phosphors
  • Cost-effective method for Ultraviolet and Infrared applications
  • High Sensitivity
  • Low noise



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