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PROBA2’s EUV Imager for Solar Corona Detection

2nd Jun, 2021

PROBA2’s EUV Imager using P43 Scintillator coating Supplied by Scintacor  The PROBA2 Science Center, located at the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels, oversees scientific operations and data processing for ESA’s PROBA2 spacecraft.PROBA2 is a small ESA satellite with a scientific mission to explore the activity of the Sun and…Read More

Scintacor precision cutting capabilities for ‘ready-to-use’ Scintillator screens

14th May, 2021

Scintacor precision cutting capabilities for ‘ready-to-use’ Scintillator screens The excellent sensitivity and robustness of our phosphor-based intensifying screens allow for reliable, high-resolution X-ray imaging for mail, parcel, baggage, and cargo inspection and for use in industrial NDT, health and safety, and quality control. Scintacor’s in-house laser cutting and CNC milling…Read More

(CsI) μm scale Images from Scanning Electron Microscope

5th Feb, 2021

Scintacor’s micro-columnar CsI as seen in a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) – separate needles of CsI grow to form a structure that has light-guiding properties in the vertical direction.   Thallium doped micro-columnar Caesium Iodide (CsI) is a uniquely important material in the world of X-ray detection devices. For Scintacor…Read More