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NASA : MicroCT for MARS exploration

30th Mar, 2020

Scintacor is proud to collaborate with eXaminArt on the Nasa funded PIXI project to develop an in-situ high-resolution X-ray computed tomography (microCT) instrument to analyse geological samples on the surface of Mars. PIXI (Planetary In-situ X-ray Imager) is a microCT instrument concept intended for deployment to Mars, cometary nuclei, or other planets/planetesimals….Read More

Daniel Zeichner Visit to Scintacor

12th Feb, 2020

Scintacor were delighted to welcome Daniel Zeichner the Member of Parliament for Cambridge, to their facility last week. Ed Bullard CEO of Scintacor, and the team explained some of the high technology processes behind scintillator manufacturing.  This photo highlights the pouring process involved in the preparation of Lithium-6 glass. The…Read More

In Memory of Wilhelm Röntgen died Feb 1923

1st Feb, 2020

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen 27th March 1845 – 10th February 1923, was a German mechanical engineer and physicist, who, on the 8 November 1895 produced and detected electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range known as X-rays or Röntgen rays, an achievement that earned him the first Nobile Prize in physics in…Read More

New Technical Director Scintacor

9th Jan, 2020

Scintacor is delighted to welcome Andrew Lee to our team in the role of Technical Director. Andrew is an experienced and versatile Manager, Engineer, and Scientist with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics from Durham University. Experienced in managing many aspects of a technology-based product company including Product Development, Production,…Read More

New Flexible Substrate Scintillators

27th Sep, 2019

Traditionally, Scintacor has produced FOS caesium iodide (CsI) X-ray scintillators. These are made up of a layer of CsI deposited on a fibre-optic faceplate (FOP) and then coated over with a protective film. The faceplates are composed of compressed bundles of glass optical fibres which transfer the photons created in…Read More