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(CsI) μm scale Images from Scanning Electron Microscope

5th Feb, 2021

Scintacor’s micro-columnar CsI as seen in a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) – separate needles of CsI grow to form a structure that has light-guiding properties in the vertical direction.   Thallium doped micro-columnar Caesium Iodide (CsI) is a uniquely important material in the world of X-ray detection devices. For Scintacor…Read More

Scintacor In The News – Interview With The Team

1st Dec, 2020

In this interview, AZoM talks to Ed Bullard and Martin Lewis, CEO and Principal Engineer at Scintacor respectively, about Scintacor, the company’s products, capabilities, and vision for the future.   Ed Bullard: “We want to expand the range of products we offer. Moving beyond the specific dental X-ray market into…Read More

MicroCT Analysis of North Polar Layers of Mars

18th Nov, 2020

Pixi (Planetary In-Situ X-ray Imager) project Scintacor is collaborating with eXaminArt, on the Nasa funded PIXI (Planetary In-Situ X-ray Imager) project to develop an in-situ high-resolution X-ray computed tomography (microCT) instrument to analyse geological samples on the surface of Mars. The instrument will double as an X-ray spectrometer to map…Read More

6-Lithium Enriched Glass Scintillators for High-Flux Solid-State Neutron Detectors

12th Nov, 2020

  Solid-State Neutron Detectors Project (SoNDe) 6-Lithium Enriched Glass Scintillators for High-Flux Neutron Radiography   Scintacor is proud to have participated in this exciting project with Dr Ralf Engels and the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science to provide Li-6 glass scintillators for the novel neutron scattering detector for bright neutron…Read More