Portable IR Laser Detector
for Network Engineers

Robust Lithium-6 glass products for neutron-detection

Phosphor coatings for detecting X-rays, neutrons, electrons, UV, and IR

High resolution, efficient CsI for medical and dental X-ray imaging

Medical & Dental

Efficient high-resolution scintillators minimising patient dose


Extending product performance into the Infrared and Ultraviolet


Enabling imaging and detection products across industries


Enabling imaging and detection systems in security applications

Our experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of high-performance X-ray phosphor screens (based on Gadolinium oxysulphide, also known as GOS, Gadox OR Gd2O2S) and neutron detection screens (based on Lithium-6) has established relationships with global system integrators, developing products that are used across a broad range of applications.

Scintacor structured micro-columnar thallium doped caesium iodide (CsI:TI) is extensively used in the most demanding X-ray imaging applications for its superior performance.

Scintacor offers OEM scintillator solutions from consultancy and technical advice through to fast prototyping and finished OEM Products.

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