Founded in 1920 as Levy West Laboratory – one of the first producers of phosphors for all types of X-ray screens.

1940’s – Crucial contributions were made, during the war, to the development and production of phosphors for the revolutionary H2S radar screen.

1960’s – Development and production of scintillators and 6Li glass.

1984 – Levy Hill Laboratories Ltd was established by Guy Hill to continue the tradition of innovative product development.

1990’s – Development of image storage panels, neutron detection screens and high-energy radiation screens.

1995 – A management buy-in preceded rapid growth into new markets including biotechnology, security and medical imaging.

1996 – BS EN ISO 9002 accreditation.

1998 – SPUR Award – UK DTI Support.

1999 – Renamed as Applied Scintillation Technologies. Relocated to custom designed production facilities and development laboratories, providing a centre of excellence in phosphor, scintillation and imaging technologies.

2002 – Part of the 3D RID consortium. New test facilities added.

2003 – Additional CsI manufacturing plant. BS EN ISO9001:2000 Accreditation.

2007 – Expanded X-ray Screen and Neutron Detection Screen production facilities.

2007 – A management buy-out by Dr. Glenn Tyrrell (CEO) and Stuart Quinn (Commercial Director) preceded a renewed focus on strategic accounts and products.

2009 – Upgraded manufacturing capability for CsI.

2010 – Commitment to the Essex Engineering Apprenticeship scheme.

2010 – BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

2010 – Cleanroom compatible X-ray inspection facility commissioned for end of line product inspection.

2011 – Upgraded 6Li glass production facilities.

2012 – Development and production of panoramic and cephalographic CsI scintillators for extra-oral dental imaging.

2015 – Applied Scintillation Technologies renamed as Scintacor, The Centre of Scintillation.

2016 – Scintacor celebrated the 1st anniversary of its change of name from Applied Scintillation Technologies. The focus of the re-branding is to highlight Scintacor’s core competencies and to usher in a new era for the company, whilst reaffirming Scintacor’s status as a world leader in customized scintillation components.

2016 – Purchase of a world-class manufacturing facility in the heart of Cambridge’s famed northern high-tech cluster.

2017 – Scintacor completes relocation from old facility in Harlow to the new one in Cambridge.

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