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Thallium doped caesium iodide (CsI:Tl) is grown in a columnar ‘needle-like’ structure which provides excellent resolution, through reduced scattering, as each column of CsI acts as a light pipe channeling the visible light to the CMOS / CCD sensor below.

Scintacor’s extensive experience and infrastructure provides volume manufacture of caesium iodide to exacting quality standards whatever your application, size and shape profile requirements.

Our production and application methods of CsI coatings, and indeed all our specialised coatings, brings two distinct advantages:

Superior output quality

Due to the slightly hydroscopic nature of CsI our coatings are encapsulated against moisture ingress. This encapsulation also provides a superior and robust finish to eliminate damage from transit and handling, maintaining image quality right to the edge of the scintillator, or sensor, area.

We also offer an optional reflector / absorber layer to tailor and improve the output characteristics to better respond to your systems requirements.


Our CsI coatings can be applied to your systems exact size and profile shape requirements, on a wide range of substrates, for both small and large volume production runs. Each order, and CsI based product or component, is indeed bespoke to each client. For customers interested in an integrated solution, Photonic Science and Engineering Ltd. can provide high resolution X-ray detectors where Scintacor Cs:TI scintillators are coupled to the latest CCD, sCMOS sensors.


Now with the capability of up to 310mm-square active area we are able to offer the same high-quality scintillators for use in mammography, cone beam CT and fluoroscopy applications.

Substrate options include FOPs, aluminium, or flexible polymers allowing greater design choice.

Scintacor has invested in new equipment and process development to enable uniform deposition of the same high-quality micro-columnar CsI that it has always offered uniformly over larger substrates (up to 310mm x 310mm active area). Scintacor are pleased to announce availability of prototype quantities of these large area  on a range of different substrates.

Example applications:

  • Mammography
  • Cone beam CT
  • Fluoroscopy

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