Our neutron detection product offers a high performance, sensitive screen with excellent neutron / gamma discrimination

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Radiation Portal Monitoring

Neutron efficiency is determined by the ZnS:6LiF mass ratio and by the thickness of the screens. Typically, a higher thickness and a lower ZnS:6LiF ratio will provide a greater capture efficiency but a lower light output. This however will depend on incoming neutron flux and on the detector setup. The detection of thermal neutrons is based on the nuclear reaction

6Li + n → 3H + α + 4.78 MeV

Our specialist neutron detectors screens offer excellent neutron/gamma discrimination for low false detection rates. Manufactured in sheet form, which can be tiled to produce large area detectors, our neutron detectors are primarily used in Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM’s) to detect radiation within a container or vehicle.

Scintacor neutron scintillator screens couple well to light guides. With emission being efficiently collected from both surfaces, exceeding most customers’ requirements. The screens can be supplied as self-supporting sheets as well as mounted to a variety of substrates. The screens can be supplied to custom sizes or moulded into novel constructs.

Neutron screens are available in three formulations: 

ND is a blue emitting screen with unique low sensitivity to background gamma. 

NDg is green emitting which is ideal for CCD imaging. 

NDFast has been specifically designed for high rate applications. 

Typical applications

  • Fissile material detection in radiation portal monitors 
  • Thermal neutron detection in high energy physics
  • Neutron radiography in non-destructive testing
  • Neutron Dosimetry
  • Crystallography

Why Scintacor?

Scintacor’s flexible production capabilities and exemplary customer service allow for a collaborative approach to the design, manufacture, and delivery of bespoke scintillation solutions. We believe that ongoing collaboration allows us to adapt and improve our product offering in line with customers’ requirements. We are committed to continued product improvement and further understanding of our customer’s future, as well as current requirements. As a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, our quality procedures allow for full product traceability. Our commitment to quality has led to a high level of confidence among our customer base in the integrity of our products.

Benefits & Features

  • Good gamma discrimination
  • Robust
  • High sensitivity
  • Large area neutron detection screens
  • Excellent neutron/gamma discrimination
  • Helium-3 equivalent performance


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