accurate, rapid
x-ray imaging ideal
for baggage check

Fast response phosphor strips are combined with linear photodiode arrays to provide rapid response X-ray based detection systems. Outputting images of high contrast and good definition, our X-ray screens aid accurate and rapid identification of prohibited items.

X-Ray Screens

Ideal for baggage inspection, our range of x-ray screens offer a high performance, reliable product for X-ray imaging

  • Customisable size & shape profiles
  • High resolution
  • Fast decay

Customised to your requirements

Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to fully customise the size and shape of our screens, and can be supplied as self-supporting sheets as well as mounted to a variety of substrates. With size and shape, emission spectra, decay time and X-ray absorption characteristics customisable to your requirements, we can design and manufacture each screen to suit your exact application and operational demands. Talk to our expert team today to see how together we can deliver clever scintillation components customised to your needs.