phosphor based Visualize
scintillators for laser
alignment & detection

Visualize alignment products for use with UV, Visible and NIR radiation.

The excellent sensitivity of the phosphor based scintillators within our customisable Visualize range allow for reliable alignment of laser beams. Constructed using a phosphor based scintillator screen, in mounted and freestanding form, the Visualize range is used for the alignment of laser beam profiles by converting ultraviolet and infrared light into visible light for laser safety. Our manufacturing processes allow us to create a large area for ease of beam acquisition, especially useful in maritime applications. We can custom brand the Visualize range to fit the needs of our customers.


Instant, high performance products for reliable laser beam alignment

  • Laser alignment and detection
  • Customisable size & shape profiles
  • Non-reflective for added safety
  • High sensitivity
  • Instant, high performance


VisualizeTM laser alignment detection products provide the following:

  • Safe, non-reflective encapsulation
  • Unique no pre-charge systems for IR detection
  • High convenience and safety to cost ratio
  • Ideally designed mounting systems to meet
    users need – card, wand or optical bench mount
  • Non-fade during use
  • Broad spectrum coverage at an appropriate wavelength –
    whether protective goggles are being worn or not
  • Flexibility in use – transmission or reflective viewing
  • High quality service from an ISO9001:2015
    registered company
  • Custom design services if our standard product does
    not meet your needs
  • Custom sizes and shapes, including disks and rings

Customised to your requirements

We also offer a service to provide bespoke coatings customised to your exact needs.  We utilise a selection of different coating methods coatings for laser alignment and detection are custom made to our customers exact requirements. We utilise a selection of different coating methods to suit the specific device and application of our customer’s system. Resolution, sensitivity, and speed of response, are a few of the parameters that can be influenced in the production of a customised product that more clearly relates to your customers’ needs. Talk to our expert team today to see how together we can deliver clever scintillation components customised to your needs. contact form



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