Phosphor Coatings for
Fibre Optic Plates

Scintacor provide phosphor coatings for electron/ion detection and imaging in electron microscopes. By careful choice of scintillation materials, emission and decay characteristics can be tailored to customer requirements

Scintacors’ dedicated, state of the art facilities allow them to offer a range of customised coatings bespoke to the need of their customer. These coatings can be applied for detection as well as imaging applications. These coatings are used both for electron detection as well as extending the sensitivity of CMOS and CCD devices.

As a powerful yet cost effective alternative to InGaAs devices or back thinned CCD’s, these coatings provide an optimal imaging or detection solution for a wide range of applications.

Fibre optic plates  :Our coatings can also be applied to fibre optic plates for specific customer applications.


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Key Features

  • Improved Resolution
  • High Sensitivity


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