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X-ray phosphors based on Gadolinium oxysulphide (also known as GOS, Gadox Gd2O2S) with various rare earth dopants- Terbium (Tb), Praseodymium (Pr), Europium (Eu) also known as GT, GPr, GE respectively.

These phosphor haves excellent performance due to high X-ray absorption and good intrinsic efficiency of X-ray to light conversion.

Scintacor’s expertise in phosphor technology has allowed them to develop a number of products for use in X-ray and laser alignment and detection applications. These technologies range from phosphor screens to laser alignment cards.

The cards consist of a phosphor based scintillator mounted onto a piece of card allowing for easy beam location and alignment. The X-ray screens are high resolution imaging screens that can be tiles to produce a large area X-ray screen for numerous applications.

Our phosphor based products can be customised to our clients’ requirements, resulting in a bespoke scintillation solution.

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Key Features

  • High X-Ray Absorption
  • High Resolution


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