Scintacor in the News Interview with the team

In this interview, AZoM talks to Ed Bullard and Martin Lewis, CEO and Principal Engineer at Scintacor respectively, about Scintacor, the company’s products, capabilities, and vision for the future.


Ed Bullard: “We want to expand the range of products we offer. Moving beyond the specific dental X-ray market into medical and industrial X-ray applications and to do that, we need to have larger scintillators, and so we have acquired and installed a larger cesium iodide deposition chamber, which will allow us to make the larger CsI scintillators required particularly for surgery and also for some 3D imaging applications.

On the security side, we want to expand our reach geographically and to expand our market share in the screening of vehicles and people at international borders and airports.

The team, the facilities, and the processes we have developed offer a lot of opportunities for the future. And it is exciting to look forward to the next five years”.

Martin Lewis: “We can respond rapidly with new products, new methods, and we are keen to work with customers and meet their needs. You do not get that with the larger companies, we can respond and tailor things because our scintillation materials are infinitely variable. It is not a one-size-fits-all product. We can respond appropriately”.

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