NASA : MicroCT for MARS exploration

NASA : MicroCT for MARS exploration

Published : April 24, 2021

Scintacor is proud to collaborate with eXaminArt on the Nasa funded PIXI project to develop an in-situ high-resolution X-ray computed tomography (microCT) instrument to analyse geological samples on the surface of Mars. PIXI (Planetary In-situ X-ray Imager) is a microCT instrument concept intended for deployment to Mars, cometary nuclei, or other planets/planetesimals. X-ray spectrometer to map the chemical composition of the surface of the rock core sample to unlock approximately 1000 martian years of climatic history. Scintacor’s high-resolution, flexible micro columnar CsI scintillator, will be coupled onto the X-ray CMOS sensor from eXaminArt to produce a very high-resolution detector. The CsI is deposited on a thin flexible substrate easily cut to shape before deposition. The CsI and substrate are encapsulated in a protective film and remain flexible. The scintillator is optimised to provide the best trade-off of efficiency vs resolution.

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Primary partners in this research

NASA Ames Research Center (USA, CA)
SETI Institute (USA, CA)
Honeybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corporation (USA, CA)
Baja Technology LLC (USA, AZ)
Battel Engineering (USA, AZ)
Diamond Light Source (UK)
Scintacor (UK)
Apertus (Austria)




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