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Make the invisible visible

NEW IRis Safety Wand 

Portable high-power infra-red laser detector for fibre optic network engineers

How can network engineers be sure high-power IR lasers, that are invisible to the un-aided eye, are turned off? The IRis Safety Wand is a novel device that provides a fast and reliable final safety check before starting work on fibre cables.

An extension of our Visualize Range, the IRis Safety Wand is designed to selectively detect high-power lasers that operate at wavelengths between 1460 and 1600nm. This enables network engineers to validate if all standard safety controls were successful or if one or more controls have failed and a high-power laser remains on.


Visualisation of invisible laser radiation provides a simple and effective means of avoiding laser related accidents

We offer a range of products to detect UV, IR, NIR and visible laser beams as well as a service to provide bespoke parts customised to your exact needs depending on the laser radiation you are using. 

Our manufacturing processes allow us to create a large viewing area for ease of use. 

By combining our phosphors with other optical components, we can provide a solution to identify specific laser wavelengths whilst rejecting others. 

As well as passive devices, we can also coat sensors to provide electronic detection of laser beams using the same range of phosphors.

Typical Phosphors

Talk to our expert team today to see how together we can deliver clever scintillation components customised to your needs.

IRis Wand Features

  • Portable (1)
    Lightweight but robust the wand is easily carried
  • Large Active Area (2)
    Accommodates fibre bundles up to 34mm diameter
  • Lanyard clip aperture (3)
    The wand comes with a lanyard to wear around the neck
    so it is always within reach, increasing safety awareness
  • Non-reflective (4)
    Surface properties chosen to minimise the risk of injury
    from stray reflections
  • Ready to use
    No batteries or power needed
  • Storage Pouch
    Soft interior protective pouch for safe storage
  • Custom Branding Options (5)
    Add your company logo to the wand and/or lanyard – ask our sales team for more details

Benefits & Features

  • Invisible laser beam detection
  • Non-reflective for added safety
  • High sensitivity
  • Instant, high performance
  • Unique no pre-charge systems for IR detection
  • High convenience and safety to cost ratio
  • Non-fade during use


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