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In-line Inspection

X-ray screens for high speed in-line inspection requirements. 

The ability to use fast decay phosphors custom cut for bonding to line scan arrays makes Scintacor the ideal partner for your in-line monitoring requirements.  Our X-ray screens provide excellent sensitivity, allowing for reliable, high resolution X-ray imaging.

Why Scintacor?

We continue to lead the market applying our established phosphor technologies to create high performance X-ray screens that are used extensively for high speed in-line inspection requirements around the world.

Fully customisable size and shape profiles allow us to design and manufacture each screen to suit your exact application and operational demands. Talk to our expert team today to see how together we can deliver clever scintillation components customised to your needs.

Benefits & Features

Our range of X-ray screens offer a high performance for in-line X-ray inspection of components and materials

  • Customisable size & shape profiles
  • High resolution
  • High light output


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