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X-ray and Neutron Screens for Lithium Ion Battery Inspection

Quality control of batteries is critical for safety and product life time. Various x-ray techniques will be required including CT, 2D and 1D imaging. Scintacor has the scintillator needed for each inspection stage to enable the clearest images from your system.

Typical Applications

  • 3D, CT imaging during product development and sample testing 
  • 2D imaging to confirm the architecture, structure and chemical composition
  • 1D imaging for production quality control

Why Scintacor?

Scintacor has been manufacturing phosphor viewing screens for NDT applications for over 20 years and has arguably one of the largest installed base for these critical components. The superior performance of Scintacor phosphor viewing screens and scintillator is not accidental, but hinges on the following factors.

First is the exclusive use of high quality raw materials. Over the years we have selected the most suitable phosphor for each application. By working collaboratively with a few selected suppliers, we can assure these high quality standards for our raw materials are constantly met, batch after batch.

Second is our willingness to delve deeper into each application and understand which requirements are most critical to you. These might include resolution, efficiency, or afterglow. Each new project would normally start with a teleconference with our product manager and material scientist, to discuss your needs and agree milestones and deliverables. Deliverables would typically include one or two runs of samples. Throughout the entire qualification process, customers will be constantly informed of the progress made and every set of samples will be accompanied by a detailed report allowing you to take informed decisions on the next steps. Of course, the confidentiality of customer data is paramount for Scintacor at all times and can be covered by NDA where applicable.

Last, but not least, is the repeatability of our coating processes, which are run to the higher standards by experienced technicians, in a class 10,000 clean-room environment. We always welcome the visit of our customers, so that you get a first-hand experience of the professionalism and enthusiasm of our team.

Benefits & Features

Scintacor offers both Gadox and CsI based x-ray scintillators to enable the best fit to the inspection system, enabling the clearest images and fastest operation. Scintacor also offer a range of neutron detection screens.

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