Dental Imaging

High resolution, efficient and sensitive dental imaging scintillators allow for lower x-ray dose and optimum image quality.

In response to the growing demand for high quality digital images in dental radiography, we have applied our extensive experience in component technology to create a range of custom caesium iodide (CsI) based scintillators.  Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to customise our products to meet the high performance demands of this market.  The resulting scintillation products allow you to choose the right level of performance that best suits your requirements and system application.

  1. Protective parylene layer(s) maintain the quality of the scintillator performance. 
  2. Optional absorber / reflector layer in conjunction with FOP choice, is used to fine tune performance to customers’ needs. 
  3. Caesium iodide coating provides state-of-the-art thallium doped scintillator with columnar structure. 
  4. Fibre optic plate X-ray blocking and image transmitting properties are key features of this multi-functional component. 
  5. CMOS / CCD image capture device and electronics

Table 1 – Typical CsI Dental device properties

Typical applications

  • CsI Intra-Oral Excellent uniformity and ultra-high resolution imaging for intra-oral dental X-ray applications. 
  • CsI Panoramic Fast response, high resolution, dynamic image capture for dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaw. 
  • CsI Cephalometric Fast response, high resolution, dynamic image capture for dental X-ray of the cranio-maxillofacial regions. 
  • CsI Cone Beam CT High resolution, real time 3D imaging of the teeth and head for orthodontic and surgical procedures


A selection of materials for optimum performance in each application. 

Scintacor offers three types of Gadox scintillator screens (sometimes referred to as luminescent screens or intensifying screens): 

Luminex – Terbium-doped gadolinium oxysulphide (Gadox:Tb). This phosphor is also known as P43.

Rapidex – Praseodymium-doped gadolinium oxysulphide (Gadox:Pr) for hard X-ray applications (50-300 keV).

MeVex – A very high coating weight screen made of terbium-doped gadolinium oxysulphide (Gadox:Tb) for use at high-energy energy levels (>450 keV – 25 MeV). 

The properties of these screens are listed in Table 2.

Table 2

(1) Relative to Lanex Regular benchmark screen. X-ray source: 150kV unfiltered
(2) X-ray source 70kV

Why Scintacor?

As an established authority in caesium iodide deposition, we have developed custom application techniques for superior to-the-edge coatings. These provide a best in class image area from the fibre optic plate (FOP). 

Our unique application techniques also offer a flexible sizing advantage, allowing us to produce components bespoke to the dimensions required by our customers’ systems. 

With flexible manufacturing facilities, we provide our customers with consistent quality for small and large production volumes

Benefits & Features

  • Ultra-high resolution 
  • Fast response for sharper imaging 
  • Customisable size and shape profile 
  • Class leading edge-to-edge image area 
  • Range of coating thicknesses 
  • Optional absorber / reflector layers 
  • Suitable for CCD and CMOS devices 
  • Low patient X-ray dose


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