scintillator shaping, finishing
and repair services

We can leverage a fully equipped optical workshop with CNC profiling, grinding, sawing, drilling, lapping and polishing which allow us to reshape and alter your non-hygroscopic scintillators with a variety of edge forms and finishes

Scintacor’s glass scintillators are manufactured as discs, rectangles, cylinders, or more complex geometries. Different types of surface finish, ranging from ground to optically polished, can be provided.

Today Scintacor clients can tap into the same expertise in shaping and finishing optical components requesting alterations to solid plastic scintillators and non-hygroscopic scintillator crystals purchased from third parties.

The services provided include but are not limited to:

  • Scintillator repair to remove chips or scratches
  • Scintillator shaping for reuse in different experiments or coupled to different PMTs
  • Optical finishing to reinstate original surface properties
  • Optical coupling of scintillators for application in phoswhich detectors


Send us the technical datasheet or composition of your scintillator and a detailed sketch of your requirement and we will assess whether your idea is technically feasible on a non-committal basis.

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