high contrast x-ray
imaging ideal for
mail & parcel inspection

Highly efficient phosphors in our X-ray screens provide high light output, ideal for lens-coupled imaging systems operating in low light conditions. This optimisation also extends to the detection of plastic explosives, incendiary devices and drugs.

X-Ray Screens

Designed for static cabinet-based X-ray detection systems, our range of x-ray screens offer a high performance

  • Customisable size & shape profiles
  • High resolution
  • Fast decay

Customised to your requirements

Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to fully customise the size and shape of our screens, and can be supplied as self-supporting sheets as well as mounted to a variety of substrates. With size and shape, emission spectra, decay time and X-ray absorption characteristics customisable to your requirements, we can design and manufacture each screen to suit your exact application and operational demands. Talk to our expert team today to see how together we can deliver clever scintillation components customised to your needs.