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Technical Director 

Job Overview

Scintacor is a customer focused business and product development is typically a collaborative process driven by specific customer specifications and other requirements. The Technical Director will play a key role in establishing the overall product and market strategy of the company and identifying new areas of technology developments and product opportunities. Scintacor’s business is based entirely on technical knowledge and expertise and the Technical Director will be responsible for expanding the company’s base of intellectual property in the form of patents, technical reports, know-how, product drawings and well documented processes.

The Technical Director will manage both the Research and Development Team and the Process Improvement Group.

Key Skills

The Successful Candidate will:

  • enjoy solving complex technical problems with a positive ‘can do’ attitude
  • be a good manager of engineers and scientists
  • have a degree in a scientific or engineering discipline
  • have significant experience of working in the technology sector particularly in R&D and manufacturing
  • have solid expertise in test and reliability
  • have the ability to take a balanced, common-sense overview of complex technical situations and be able to contribute to resolving detailed technical issues
  • be a self-starter with excellent leadership skills
  • identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • promote teamwork and a collaborative working culture and build effective relationships across the company and group
  • be able to communicate effectively with customer engineering teams to understand diverse requirements
  • be skilled in budget management and the control of expenditure


  • Lead the development and process improvement teams by inspiring and motivating engineers to overcome technical challenges
  • Provide engineering and technical direction throughout the business
  • Help define the product strategy and identify and develop products for new markets
  • Oversee and expand product testing methodologies, particularly environmental testing and X-Ray testing, to ensure that the products manufactured meet quality, reliability, regulatory and customer requirements
  • Manage and expand Scintacor’s portfolio patents and library of technical reports
  • Promote the growth of internal expertise and understanding of the Scintacor’s processes and products, for example the contribution of scintillators to X-ray image quality
  • Ensure personal development training plans are in place for direct reports
  • Ensure that new product introductions, changes to existing products and process changes are conducted in accordance with the Quality Management System
  • Ensure technical documentation is up to date and complies with current regulations
  • Report on the status of product development, process improvement and other projects at senior management meetings
  • Manage the new product development process and prepare information for phase gate reviews and capex approvals
  • Support the production group to achieve continuous improvement in yield, efficiency, scrap and quality
  • Identify and manage suppliers for new products and processes
  • Manage external technical consultants
  • Collaborate with customers in the development of new products

Please forward you CV to m.nieuwenhuizen@scintacor.com if you are interested in this role. 



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